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Budget 2021 – 2022 & Australia’s immigration program

In the last week’s announcement about the new budget, the government declared that the Migration planning levels will remain unchanged with a focus on onshore visa applicants as international borders will remain closed for at least 12 months.

The planned ceiling for 2021-22 migration program will be maintained at 160,000 places including 79,600 skill and 77,300 family stream places, a measure that the government says, is “appropriate” for the current health and economic circumstances.

In context of visas, the Budget document states that the government will continue to prioritise Employer-Sponsored, Global Talent, Business Innovation and Investment Program visas within the Skilled Stream. Thus overall, there will are no major change anticipated in the Skilled visa program.

According to Budget Paper No 1, international students will only be able to return to the country as part of “small phased programs” later this year and student numbers will only “gradually increase” from 2022.

Another important update is for the migrants who will get their permanent residency approved from 01 January 2022 onwards – they will need to wait 4 years before they can access all government benefits. This measure will hit hardest parents and carers.

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