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Our team will get back to you to confirm your consultation with Registered Migration Agent.



How long is the consultation and what is the investment?

A consultation with our Registered Migration Agent is scheduled for one hour, but the actual duration may depend on your particular circumstances.

The investment for online consultation via Zoom or another platform is only $95.00.

Face-to-face appointment in our Sydney CBD office has a fee of $120.00


Can I book a consultation if I am currently overseas or interstate?


Of course you can. We offer online consultation meetings via your preferred platform such as Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp. If you are offshore and have interest in migrating to Australia, it is really important to plan ahead and get a realistic understanding of your visa options.


How will the consultation help me?


During the consultation, our Registered Migration agent will explain different migration programs in Australia and assess your specific circumstances in order to establish what type of visa you qualify for.

Together we will then develop a strategy and plan what steps should be taken next. Alternatively, we can suggest a pathway for you to take long term, in order to qualify for a visa in the future.

You will get a clear overview of your visa options and answers to any questions you may have including information about the costs and fees.


How should I prepare for the consultation?


We may request a few documents from you prior to your consultation to have better understanding of your circumstances. Those are usually up to date Resume and your current Australian visa, but that may differ based on your situation. Also do not forget to write down any important questions you want to ask your migration agent.


What happens after the consultation?


Once we identified what visa you qualify for, we can start working on your application. If you engage OnBoard professional services, we will assist you with the whole application process including guidance on the required documents, completing the application forms and preparing all relevant submissions.

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