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OnBoard Migration is here to assist you

with all the steps in your migration journey.

is our goal!

Your goal


Our experienced Registered Migration Agent will work with you during the whole process making sure that you understand the visa requirements and your visa application addresses all the relevant legislative criteria, leaving you stress-free and maximizing the chances of success.

Following are 4 steps of your migration process with OnBoard Migration:

Personalised Assessment

Our Registered Migration agent will analyse your personal situation against the requirements of current Australian migration legislation. We will discuss your individual circumstances and look at different visa options during your consultation which can be held online, over the phone or face to face.


Visa application

Your migration agent will work closely with you on the preparation and submission of your application. We will provide tailored instructions, review all documents, draft application forms and write a legal submission. We make sure that your application is consistent, all the required documents and information are provided and thereby maximize the chances of success and speed up the decision process. 

 Visa strategy

Following your assessment and considering your goals and plans, we will together create the visa strategy for you. This strategy includes identifying the best available visa options for you, explanation of requirements and deadlines. In case there is no visa available to you right now, we will guide you and prepare a pathway you could take to qualify in future.


Decision – your new visa 

Our team will monitor the progress of your visa application, communicate with the Immigration Department and provide you with any updates until the decision is made. At the end of this process, we hope to celebrate with you making your Australian dream come true! 

Image by Chaz McGregor

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To take you through your migration process, we offer you the following SERVICES:

Visa consultation


During the consultation, our Registered Migration agent will explain different migration programs in Australia and assess your specific circumstances in order to establish what type of visa you qualify for. We will then together develop a strategy for you and plan what steps should be taken to achieve our goal. Alternatively, we can suggest a pathway for you to take long term, in order to qualify for a visa in the future. You will get a clear overview of your visa options and possible next steps and answers to any questions you may have including information about the costs and fees.

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Visa Application


After your visa strategy is set up, we can assist you with the whole visa application process. Your Registered migration agent will provide you tailored and detailed instructions. We will work together to prepare a strong and decision ready application, addressing relevant immigration legislation taking into consideration any applicable deadlines. This service includes reviewing your supporting documents and completing all the application forms on your behalf. Once the application is submitted we will monitor the progress until the final decision is made.

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