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WA introduced new Graduate stream for state nominations

Skilled Migration Western Australia announced a new graduate stream for WA state nominations. This new stream is available to university graduates who have studied for at least two years in Western Australia at a Western Australian University, and have an occupation on the new Graduate occupation list.

The graduate occupation list contains 209 mostly managerial and professional occupations including Accountant, Internal/External Auditor, Marketing Specialist, Recruitment consultant, Graphic Designer and many others. Masters and PhD graduates can access all occupations while Bachelor and higher degree graduates can access only some of the occupations on the list.

What are the requirements?

Besides minimum government requirements for 190/489 visas such as passing a skills assessment in your nominated occupation, age limit of 45 years and achieving the minimum score of 65 on the points test, there are following additional criteria for WA state nomination under the Graduate stream:

  • at least 2 years of full-time studies at WA University resulting in higher education qualification

  • proficient English language ability demonstrated by one of the English tests (IELTS level 7/7/7/7)

  • work experience in your nominated or closely related occupation – minimum of 1 year Australian or 3 years overseas experience is required unless you completed Masters of PhD in WA when this requirement is waived

  • contract of employment for a full-time position in your nominated or closely related occupation for at least 12 months in WA

As from October 2018, it is anticipated invitations for Western Australian State Nomination will be issued on the second Thursday of each month.

This is a great news for those currently studying or intend to start a course at University in WA and can meet the nomination requirements.

For detailed information about WA state nomination and to see if you could be eligible please contact us to book a consultation with our Registered Migration Agent.


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