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NSW Skills Lists released

NSW has published their occupation lists for 190/491 State Nominations together with minimum points score and years of skilled work experience required for each occupation group.

Some occupations like Accountants or Auditors will only be considered for 190 Nomination if the candidate reaches 110 points, while for others – Electricians, Psychologists or Gardeners - 65 points is the minimum.

The full lists can be accessed on the NSW government page:

Nominations for 190 visas are invitation based and NSW will be selecting applicants from EOIs which indicate interest for 190 visa only and NSW only.

For 491 visas, there are two Nomination pathways:

  • Pathway 1 – Apply directly to RDA office

  • Pathway 2 – be invited by NSW

For both visa subclasses, the applicants must be currently residing in NSW, minimum 6 months for 190 Nomination and 3 months for 491 nomination; or offshore.

To discuss details about requirements for your occupation and to assess your eligibility for Nomination by NSW, contact us today at

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