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Expanding access to Permanent residency for TSS visa holders

On 25 November 2023, the amendment to the Migration Regulations which expands access to Temporary Residence Transition stream of SC 186 visa comes to effect.

Based on this legislative change, all TSS or 457 visa holders, regardless of the TSS visa stream, will be able to apply for Permanent residency visa SC 186, TRT stream.

This is a great news for TSS visa holders in short-term stream who previously did not have this option.

Additionally, the new Regulations only require TSS visa holders to work for their sponsoring employer for 2 years whilst holding their TSS visa prior to applying for PR, which decreased from the 3 years requirement.

The amendment also removes the limit of number of TSS visa applications in short term stream which can be made onshore.

Our Registered Migration agent is here to talk to you and discuss details of the new legislation and how these changes can impact your PR pathway.

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