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Good news for people affected by s48 bar

From 13 November 2021 the changes to migration legislation will enable people with s48 bar to lodge applications for Skilled visas SC 190/491 or Employer Sponsored regional visas SC 494 onshore.

S48 bar applies to those who had their visa application refused onshore and do not hold a substantive visa; or had their visa cancelled. In these circumstances, they can only apply onshore for limited types of visas such as Partner, Child, Medical treatment, Bridging visas or few others.

Once the new amendment is in effect the SC 190/491 and 494 visas will be added to the list of possible visa options for people affected by s48 bar.

However, in case of state nominated skilled visas SC 491 and 190, it depends on states and territories if they will issue Nominations to s48 barred applicants.

If this scenario applies to you, get in touch with our experienced migration agent for more details and assistance.


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