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Legislation update - COVID 19 Concessions & 485 visa

The Australian government introduced new legislation relating to the COVID-19 Concessions commencing from 19 September 2020.

The Migration amendment was designed to assist certain temporary visa holders who have been disadvantaged by COVID-19 pandemic, including those wishing to apply for Skilled Regional Permanent visa SC 887, Business Investment Permanent visa SC 888 and Temporary Graduate visa SC 485.

This amended regulations now allow former international students to apply for the graduate visa from outside Australia, which was not possible before. The students who could not return to the county because of the COVID-19 pandemic can be offshore at the time of visa grant and the visa period will run from the date of entry to Australia. Further to that, those former students who found themselves stuck outside Australia and could not apply for their 485 visa within 6 months since completion of their course, are given additional time to make the graduate visa application, which will need to be submitted within 12 months of course completion.

Have you completed the two years studies in Australia and want to apply for SC 485 visa? Our migration agent can explain to you all the requirements and discuss the new legislation with you. Book your consultation today!


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