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Skilled visas Invitation rounds & State Nominations Update

Invitation rounds for the Skilled Independent visa sc 189 are run once a month and the next round is scheduled for 11 March 2019.

For most of the occupations (non-pro-rata), the required score for 189 invitation remained at 70 points in the last round and it is expected to stay on this level for the next one.

From the pro-rata occupations (those with high levels of demand), the highest score is still needed for Accountants and Auditors at 80 points. Electronics Engineers, Other Engineering Professionals and ICT Business and Systems Analysts require at least 75 points for the invitation.

State Nominations Update for 190/489 visas

Queensland has closed its State Nomination program for this financial year with effect from 08 February.

South Australia reviewed their occupations lists and added few new professions such as Metal Fitter and Machinist or Locksmith to the lists of professions eligible for SA nomination. In addition, requirements for some occupations like Customer Service Manager, Electrical Engineering Technician or Real Estate Representative have became slighlty easier with the „special conditions“ status removed.

There are still 4 more invitation rounds for 189 visa coming in this financial year, and invitations for 190/489 visas can be issued anytime, upon approval of the state nomination. If you are considering to apply for skilled visa and your profession is on the relevant list, there is a chance to receive an invitation before the possible changes to the Skilled occupation lists in July.

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