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Visa changes to support reopening of Australia

Australian government has recently announced further visa changes to support reopening of Australia and recognise contribution of skilled migrants during COVID-19 pandemic.

The government will introduce improved access to Permanent Residence for existing TSS/457 visa holders in short-term stream.

As per the Minister Hawke “This is a special concession recognising those highly skilled migrant workers who chose to stay in Australia throughout the pandemic, while continuing to address Australia’s acute shortages. This allows them to stay here, with a pathway to Australian citizenship.”

Amongst the other announced changes are:

  • extension of regional skilled visas (491/494/489) affected by COVID-19 travel restrictions

  • option for SC 485 visa holders unable to come to Australia due to travel restrictions to apply for a replacement visa

  • increased duration of SC 485 visa for students completing Master degree by coursework to 3 years

  • increased duration of SC 485 visa in graduate-work stream to 2 years and simplifying the requirements for this visa stream.

More details are expected to be released in the coming days.

To discuss how these changes affect your visa options, contact us experts today.


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